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  1. Soccer

    Winterthur vs Servette Genewa

  2. Soccer

    VfL Bochum vs Dortmund

  3. Handball

    FC Porto vs Dynamo Bukareszt

  4. Others

    Uniq Esports Club vs Nativz

  5. Others

    Ivy vs Water Rune Enjoyers

  6. Others

    Iron Wolves vs Alior Bank Team

  7. Others

    Team Bds Academy vs Gamersorigin

  8. Soccer

    Marsylia vs PSG

  9. Others

    Aegis vs Izidream

  10. Others

    Infinity Esports vs All Knights

  11. Others

    5RATFORCESTAFF vs Wildcard Gaming

  12. Others

    The Cut vs Team Dogchamp

  13. Basketball

    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons

  14. Basketball

    Washington Wizards vs Charlotte Hornets

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  16. Others

    The Kings vs Isurus Gaming

  17. Others

    Thunder Awaken vs Alliance.Latam

  18. Basketball

    Boston Celtics vs Philadelphia 76ers

  19. Basketball

    Toronto Raptors vs San Antonio Spurs

  20. Basketball

    Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers

  21. Basketball

    Houston Rockets vs Sacramento Kings

  22. All

    New York Rangers vs Vancouver Canucks

  23. Others

    Limitless vs Detonate

  24. All

    Dallas Stars vs Minnesota Wild

  25. Others

    Another Na Team vs Fart Studios

  26. Basketball

    Utah Jazz vs Minnesota Timberwolves

  27. Others

    Dreamers Esports vs No Runes

  28. Basketball

    Los Angeles Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks

  29. Basketball

    Portland Trail Blazers vs Golden State Warriors

  30. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Dennis Klein

  31. Others

    Kt Rolster vs DWG Kia

  32. Others

    Lbzs vs Team Mystique

  33. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  34. Others

    Andrei Putuntica vs Alberto Mino

  35. Others

    Edward Gaming vs Ninjas In Pyjamas

  36. Others

    UD Vessuwan vs Reaper

  37. Others

    Bastien Dupont vs Sourav Saha

  38. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Marco Stefanidis

  39. Others

    Nongshim vs Gen.g Esports

  40. Others

    Andrei Putuntica vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  41. Others

    Royal Never Give Up vs Jd Gaming

  42. Others

    Puckchamp vs Rise Esports

  43. Others

    Team Cloud vs Ybb Gaming

  44. Others

    Cybercats vs Sigma.ynt

  45. Others

    Bastien Dupont vs Alberto Mino

  46. Others

    Sourav Saha vs Dennis Klein

  47. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Andrei Putuntica

  48. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Dennis Klein

  49. Others

    Hydra vs Ynt

  50. Others

    Sourav Saha vs Alberto Mino

  51. Others

    Bastien Dupont vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  52. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Andrei Putuntica

  53. Others

    Besiktas Esports Club vs Galakticos

  54. Others

    3Bl Esports vs Fox Gaming

  55. Others

    Alberto Mino vs Dennis Klein

  56. Soccer

    Lamia vs PAOK Saloniki

  57. Others

    Sourav Saha vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  58. Others

    Sk Gaming Prime vs GamerLegion

  59. Others

    Vitality Bee vs Ldlc Ol

  60. Others

    Bisons Eclub vs Fnatic Tq

  61. Others

    5 Ronin vs Istanbul Wild Cats

  62. Others

    Gng Esports vs Ra AD

  63. Others

    Qhali vs Lava

  64. Basketball

    Anadolu Efes vs Real Madryt

  65. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Bastien Dupont

  66. Handball

    Bjerringbro-Silkeborg vs Ribe-Esbjerg

  67. Handball

    Kiel vs Lomza Industria Kielce

  68. Others

    Geekay Esports vs Nigma Galaxy

  69. Others

    E Wie Einfach E-Sports vs Nno Prime

  70. Others

    Dark Passage vs Papara SuperMassive

  71. Others

    Team Bds Academy vs Gameward

  72. Others

    Barca Esports vs UCAM Tokiers

  73. Others

    Ankora Gaming vs Crvena Zvezda

  74. Handball

    FA Goppingen vs HC Erlangen

  75. Handball

    TSV GWD Minden vs Rhein-Neckar

  76. Handball

    Wetzlar vs Hannover-Burgdorf

  77. Handball

    Gummersbach vs Lemgo

  78. Others

    Andrei Putuntica vs Dennis Klein

  79. Handball

    Haukar Hafnarfjordur vs Stjarnan

  80. Soccer

    AEK Ateny vs Olympiakos

  81. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Sourav Saha

  82. Others

    Team Heretics Academy vs Movistar Riders

  83. Others

    Nasr Turkiye vs Fut eSports

  84. Others

    Karmine Corp vs Aegis

  85. Others

    Magaza vs Partizan Esports

  86. Others

    MOUZ vs Big

  87. Others

    Anubis Gaming vs Triple Esports

  88. Basketball

    Maccabi Tel Awiw vs Crvena Zvezda Belgrad

  89. Others vs FH

  90. Basketball

    Virtus Bologna vs FC Barcelona

  91. Handball

    Cesson vs Selestat Alsace HB

  92. Basketball

    Bayern vs KK Partizan Belgrad

  93. Others

    Alberto Mino vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  94. Handball

    Wisla Plock vs Magdeburg

  95. Handball

    Nantes vs RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko

  96. Handball

    FC Barcelona vs Elverum

  97. Others

    Cyber Wolves vs Diamant Esports

  98. Others

    Izidream vs BK Rog eSports

  99. Others

    Rebels Gaming vs Koi Academy

  100. Others

    Team Solomid vs Cloud9

  101. Others

    Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition vs Eintracht Frankfurt

  102. Others

    No Runes vs Ukumari

  103. Soccer

    FC Lorient vs Lens

  104. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Bastien Dupont

  105. Others

    Fylkir Esports vs Lava eSports

  106. Others

    Andrei Putuntica vs Sourav Saha

  107. Others

    Fc Schalke 04 vs Eintracht Spandau

  108. Others

    Solary vs Gamersorigin

  109. Others

    Flyquest vs Evil Geniuses

  110. Others

    Xtremedominators vs Valiance

  111. Others

    Guasones vs Giants

  112. Others

    Breidablik vs Thor

  113. Others

    Liquid vs 100 Thieves

  114. Others

    Thunder Awaken vs Ravens

  115. Others

    Team Solomid vs Cloud9

  116. Others

    Counter Logic Gaming vs Golden Guardians

  117. Others

    Paradox Esports vs Mad Kings

  118. Others

    Flyquest vs Evil Geniuses

  119. Others

    Immortals vs Dignitas

  120. All

    New Jersey Devils vs Seattle Kraken

  121. All

    Detroit Red Wings vs Calgary Flames

  122. All

    Philadelphia Flyers vs Edmonton Oilers

  123. All

    Florida Panthers vs San Jose Sharks

  124. All

    Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche

  125. Basketball

    Orlando Magic vs Denver Nuggets

  126. Others

    Infinity vs Dreamers Esports

  127. Others

    Liquid vs 100 Thieves

  128. All

    New York Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks

  129. Basketball

    Brooklyn Nets vs Chicago Bulls

  130. Basketball

    Atlanta Hawks vs Phoenix Suns

  131. All

    Minnesota Wild vs Vegas Golden Knights

  132. Others

    Counter Logic Gaming vs Golden Guardians

  133. Others

    Wildcard Gaming vs No Runes

  134. Others

    Immortals vs Dignitas

  135. Basketball

    Los Angeles Lakers vs Milwaukee Bucks

  136. Others

    UD Vessuwan vs Team Flow

  137. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Alberto Mino

  138. Others

    Fennel vs Axiz

  139. Others

    Myth Avenue Gaming vs Army Geniuses

  140. Others

    Hanwha Life Esports vs Fredit Brion

  141. Others

    Bastien Dupont vs Dennis Klein

  142. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Sourav Saha

  143. Others

    Vici Gaming vs Anyones Legend

  144. Others

    Bogdan Sinkevych vs Dennis Klein

  145. Others

    Andrei Putuntica vs Bastien Dupont

  146. Others

    Liiv Sandbox vs DRX

  147. Others

    Makoto Nogami vs Bogdan Sinkevych

  148. Others

    Topsports Gaming vs Ultra Prime

  149. Others

    Sengoku Gaming vs Burning Core

  150. Others

    Spawn Team vs Polaris Esports

  151. Others

    Marco Stefanidis vs Alberto Mino

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